Setting User Preferences for Box Notifications

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NOTE -- This feature is currently not working and is on the Box Known Issues List.     Notifications are not consistently sent.    Check here to see if the issue still exist before setting up notifications.


Box can send notification emails regarding any activity performed in users' shared Box folders. This function will notify users when folders (and files in folders) are downloaded, uploaded, commented on, previewed, or deleted. Users can set default notifications that will apply to all folders they created or all folders they are collaborators on. Users can also set notification settings for specific folders that will override their default settings. 

This article will provide instructions regarding how to modify notification settings.

How to set default notifications

  1. Go to Account Settings under the User Profile tab.


2.  Select the Notifications tab


3.  Scroll to the Email Notifications section and select or deselect your desired options. 

"Folders I Own" are folders that you created. 

"Folders I've Joined" are folders that you have been granted permission to (i.e. folders where you are a collaborator).   


4. Click "Save Changes" when done.  

NOTE: These are default notifications and will automatically apply to every folder in your account. Below are instructions regarding how to change these settings on a folder to folder basis. 

How to change notification settings for a specific folder

  1.  In Box in a web browser, right click on the folder that you want to set notifications for. A small options menu will display. Left click the "Settings" button.
  2.  Scroll to the Notifications settings and select the "Override default settings for this folder and all subfolders" option. Then, you can select or deselect the notification settings you desire for this specific folder. 

i.) Remeber to click "Save Changes" when done



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