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Frequently asked questions

How do I install Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign is a web-based application that works with modern web browsers. There is nothing additional to install on a computer.  Login to Adobe Sign here:

Do I need an Adobe Sign account?

Adobe Sign accounts are not required to sign documents. Staff and faculty are automatically provisioned an Adobe Sign "signer" account.   An Adobe Sign "signer and sender" account is required if you will be sending documents out for signatures. To request an Adobe Sign account or to request send capabilities on your existing account, please create a TeamDynamix ticket requesting access.

Can I use Adobe Sign for any form that needs signatures?

Department, college, or division forms that are typically printed and signed should go through Adobe Sign. Paper-based forms that are typically sent by mail, email or campus mail that require a wet signature should transition to Adobe Sign.

*Note: Forms or documents containing Confidential Level 1 data can be sent through Adobe Sign but must adhere to specific processing policies.   If you have a form/document with Level 1 data, please submit a TeamDynamix Ticket requesting Level 1 processing.  

Will I have access to my completed document after it routes for signature(s)?

Yes! If you were a participant (sender, signer (recipient), or even a CC’d party) with an Adobe Sign agreement, the document will be available on your Manage page.

The Manage page also allows you to monitor the document(s) status that is In Progress, Waiting for You, Complete, Canceled, Expired, and Draft.

Can I print the documents in Adobe Sign?

Yes, there is the ability to print the documents in Adobe Sign.

What email account does an Adobe Sign agreement come from?

All Adobe Sign agreements will come into your mailbox using the email address.

Can I cancel a document after I send it?

Yes! As the Sender, you will be able to cancel the document only if it has not been signed by the Signer (recipient). If the Signer has signed the document, then you will not be able to cancel it. 

Why doesn't my signature have the Adobe Sign "blue line" with the printed name and date underneath?

If you upload a signature file, the Adobe Sign blue line with name and date do not get added to the signature block.   To fix this,  you can delete your signature file, then create a signature using the Adobe Sign process to create a signature using your mobile phone.  Login to Adobe Sign.    Go to Profile under your name in the upper right of the screen, then select My Signature on the left side.  Use the Mobile Device option and follow the directions.   Adobe Sign will send a link to your phone, you can sign with your finger.     The signature is added to your profile and will have the blue line with the name and date under it when used to sign a document.      Note: Even though the signature on your phone looks "thick", Adobe Sign will convert it to normal size.   

Mobile Device Usage

Can I use my mobile device to sign a form?

Yes! Adobe Sign works from all major mobile devices and tablets without needing the Adobe Sign application downloaded.

Can I send a document for signature from my mobile device?

Yes! The Adobe Sign application is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play. Once the application is downloaded on your mobile device, you can login using your Chico State login credentials.

Adobe Sign Roles

What is the signer role?

Signers are required to apply at least one signature to an agreement. This role is the default recipient role.

What is the sender role?

Users who have been assigned the sender role can send an agreement for others to sign.

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