How do I share media to a Course Media Gallery in Canvas?

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The Course Media Gallery in Canvas, powered by Kaltura, provides a centralized space for instructors and students to upload, share, and access media content directly within a course. This feature enhances the learning experience by allowing people to easily share video lectures, student presentations, and other multimedia resources. This guide will walk you through the process of uploading media to a Course Gallery in Canvas, ensuring that your content is accessible to all course participants.


Step-by-Step Instructions

To upload media to a Course Gallery, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Canvas course. From the course sidebar, select Media Gallery. If the Media Gallery link is not visible, the feature may not be enabled by your instructor.
    Course Media Gallery
  2. Within the Course Media Gallery, select the Add Media button.
  3. Choose the media you wish to upload to the Course Gallery. After selecting, hit the Publish button to finalize the upload.
    Select Media and Publish
  4. Refresh the webpage to view your uploaded media in the Course Gallery. This makes it available for access by other course members. If video moderation is in use, your media may need approval from your professor before it becomes visible to others.


  • Media Not Appearing in Gallery: If your uploaded media does not appear, ensure the page is refreshed. If moderation is enabled, wait for the approval process.
  • Cannot Find Media Gallery: Ensure the Media Gallery is enabled by your instructor. If it's not available, contact your instructor to request access.

Still need help? If you run into problems or still need help, reach out to the Technology & Learning Program.

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