Degree Progress Overview

Video Tutorial

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Written Instructions

  1. Log in to the Student Center
  2. Under Academic Progress, select Degree Progress.
    • The DPR is a checklist of everything a student needs to do to graduate.
  3. It is recommended to meet with your advising team, as well as with the major advisor for your program at least once a semester.
  4. To expand a section, select the title and it will expand from left-to-right.
  5. Selecting a section that includes a student's courses taken or required for graduation will show as "satisfied" or "not satisfied"
    • NOTE: a course marked as "Satisfied" may mean the student is currently taking the course. To check this, select the title of the course and select "View Courses". This will show if the course is complete or in progress.
  6. All Upper Division GE courses will appear in the GENERAL EDUCATION UPPER-DIVISION PATHWAYS section until you are in your third upper-division course. Then it will begin to narrow down. You only need to take ONE pathway.
  7. You can also view your Minor and Additional Requirements toward the bottom.
  8. COURSES NOT USED indicate those courses taken that did not fulfill a major, minor, or GE requirement.
  9. To view everything laid out in one area, you can select View PDF.
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