Navigating to the Faculty/Advisor Center from the Portal

Video Tutorial

screenshot of a link to the video explaining how to navigate to the faculty/advisor center from the campus portal

Written Instructions

  1. Log in to the campus portal
  2. If you click on "faculty center" to get to the faculty center, starting in the spring semester of 2021, there will be a new look to the Advisor Center. 
  3. Selecting Faculty Center will then land you in your new Faculty and Advisors Center.
  4. If there are other things you need to do within PeopleSoft that are not available through the left navigation, select the PeopleSoft homepage button on the left side.
  5. This will take you to classic PeopleSoft.
  6. To return to the main Advisor Center from this view, select the main menu drop-down in the top-left corner.
  7. Select High Point campus experience
  8. Then dashboard and you will be back in the Faculty Center and/or Advisor Center.
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