Advisor Center Dashboard and Dashboard Customization

Video Tutorial

screenshot of the video explaining how to navigate the advisor dashboard and dashboard customization

Written Instructions

  1. Log in to your Faculty, Faculty Advisor, or Advisor Center.
  2. You will now enter the dashboard – you will have a Teaching tab, for faculty, and an Advisor tab, for advisors and faculty advisors.
  3. To customize your Dashboard, select the “Edit My Widgets” button in the top-right corner.
  4. Check or uncheck what you want to show or not show on your dashboard.
  5. Select the “Save Changes” button to confirm customizations.
  6. Under the Advisor tab, you can view more information or act as one of your advisees but selecting the “Act As” button under the advisee’s name.
  7. To view the rest of your advisees select “View More” for a list view.
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