Advising Navigation Menu When Acting as an Advisee

Video Tutorial

screenshot of the video explaining how to navigate the advisor menu when acting as an Advisee

Written Instructions

  1. Log in to your Advisor Center.
  2. Select “View Advisees”.
  3. Select “Act as User” next to desired advisee name.
  4. Select Continue to agree to close out of the advisee’s account once you are finished.
  5. You will now enter the dashboard – you will see most of what the student sees, except for the “Financials” tab.
  6. You can view the general information or the academic information of the advisee.
  7. Select “My Schedule” in the left-hand navigation to view their course schedule for the current semester.
  8. Select “Enrollment” to view enrollment dates, schedule builder, course shopping cart, and wait-listed courses.
  9. Select “Academic Progress” to help student with Smart Planner, designated advisor, program plan for the student including changes, degree progress report, run a “what if” report to see the outcome if a student decides to change major or add or remove minor, past courses, grades, transfer credits, and graduation information.
  10. Select “Student Records” to view unofficial transcripts.
  11. Select “Tasks” to view student to-do list items, tasks, and holds that student may have.
  12. Select “Profile” to view contact information, emergency contact information, email addresses, etc.
  13. To get back to the Advisor Center, select “Exit” in the top-left corner.
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