How to get a Free Premium Personal LastPass Account

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We’re excited to offer students the benefit of online security with a complimentary subscription of LastPass premium, a simple, secure password manager.

81% of security breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords. The easiest way to protect your information online is to have unique, strong passwords for every account. But it’s impossible to remember all of your unique credentials. LastPass provides a secure vault where you can save all your login information – and then when you visit websites LastPass automatically fills in your credentials for you.

Because this offer is for your personal use, you will not be able to use your or account to create a free LastPass Premium account.   If you already have a personal account using either an @csuchico or email, you will need to change the email to a personal email before claiming the free premium account.    Directions for changing your LastPass email can be found here:

Existing free personal LastPass accounts can be upgraded to a free Premuim account by entering your current account email in the second box on the claim your account page.  Familly accounts are not included in this offer.   Only free accounts can be upgraded to a free Premium account.    For details on free vs Premuim account, visit this page:

Free LastPass premium accounts will be verified annually.    If you are no longer eligible for a free premium account, you may either begin paying for the premium account or the account will revert to a free LastPass account.   

Visit this page to claim your Premium LastPass subscription:

Full instructions on how to get setup with LastPass can be found here:

Faculty and Staff may request a Chico State Enterprise LastPass account for work related password management here:

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