Managing Zoom Email Notifications as Meeting Host

Meeting hosts can receive email notifications when: 

  • A participant has registered for the meeting

  • A participant is waiting for the host to start the meeting 

  • A participant has joined the meeting, but no host is present (if join before host is enabled) 

Zoom email host seems when participant is waiting to join

Setting up Zoom Email Forwarding to Alternate Hosts

Unfortunately, the email notification about someone waiting will only be sent to the meeting host.

Basic setup 

Open a web browser and navigate to

Click on Email> MS Exchange and log in.

Find an example of a Zoom waiting email that looks like below.

Copy the Meeting hyperlink from your email that looks like this:

Right click on the email and select Create Rule. Then click on More options.

Create the name of the rule. Then add the first condition as From and Then another condition with Message body includes and paste in meeting hyperlink you copied earlier.

Last step is to Add an action Forward to with the users you want.



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