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Services or Offerings?
Request your video to be listed on the campus video portal.

Request assistance with a video conference.

Zoom is Chico State’s video conferencing solution available to all students, faculty, and staff.

Request repair, changes or additions to the Campus Video Safety System (CVSS).

Staff & faculty requests for help with non-Blackboard audio/video solutions.

Request photography, custom design, social media feed, Kaltura video upload or other website feature.

Caption your videos to ensure ATI/508 compliance.

Kaltura is a video hosting service that supports desktop and mobile, with useful features such as automatic captioning.

Request to rent secure data center rack space for servers or other hardware (fee based service agreement).

Request assistance in maintaining the content on your website.

Review initial or renewal purchases of software or software maintenance. This includes prebuilt web applications (also known as 'software as a service').

Review initial or renewal purchases of hardware. If the hardware device has bundled software that comes with it, please use the Software ITPR instead.