Proctorio-enabled exam is asking me for a password

When Proctorio prompts users for a password, that typically means that the Proctorio extension did not initialize correctly or the student has been set-up to use a testing center with the password having been sent in advance to the testing center by specific and explicit instructions of the student.

If the issue affects every student in the class

If this issue affects every student in the class, there may be a course configuration issue. The instructor should check the following:

  1. Proctorio link is present and visible to students
  2. Proctorio link is titled "Secure Exam Proctor" and is being loaded each testing session
  3. You have opened the assignment at least once since Proctorio was enabled in your course
  4. Contact Proctorio support at (Click Support then Start Live Chat)

If the issue affects just one student

If this issue affects just one student, there may be a client configuration issue. The student should try the following steps.

  1. The student should contact Proctorio support directly at (Click Support then Start Live Chat) to request support.
  2. Check that Google Chrome is up to date.
    1. In Chrome, open the settings menu
    2. Browse to Help > About Google Chrome
    3. On this screen, Chrome will either indicate that it is up to date, or it will automatically download the latest update
  3. Restart Chrome
    1. If you restarted Chrome during the above step, you can skip this step
    2. In order to restart Chrome, open the settings menu and select "Exit"
    3. You can then run Chrome normally
  4. Check that the Proctorio extension is up to date
    1. Right-click on the Proctorio extension icon
    2. Select "Remove from Chrome..."
    3. Select "Remove" to confirm the removal
    4. Go to
    5. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the Proctorio extension

Once Chrome and Proctorio are both running the latest software versions, please try to open the exam in the campus LMS (Learning Management System, Canvas).

If you are still prompted for a password, please contact Proctorio support at (Click Support then Start Live Chat)

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