Common Box Support Issues

How do I log into Box?

Recommend that they bookmark this location. Note that users cannot log into Box if they do not have a Box account. Contact the Box admin to confirm if user has Box account.

I tried logging into Box, but got the error message "invalid login credentials"

A couple of things may cause this error message.
  1.  If a user tries to log in and does not have a Box account, they will get this error.    Staff,  faculty, student employees, AS employees, and CSE employees will need to wait until their PeopleSoft record is updated and a Box account is automatically created during the nightly processing. 


I installed the Box Apps, but I can't get them to work

A number of things could cause a variety of issues. 
  1. Always recommend that they restart their computer after installing the Box Apps.
  2. If that does not solve the issue, determine if the issue is with Box Drive or Box Edit (most commonly it is with Box Edit).
    1. If they are attempting to open a file from Box via a browser and get an error message, find out what the error is.
    2. If the error is something to the effect that "no compatible application was found for this file type", it is likely that there was a problem with the Box Edit install. They can try rerunning the install (instructions here) and restarting, but that typically doesn't work.
      1. If it doesn't work, they will have to manually uninstall Box Edit, and then do a manual install of Box Edit from the Box website ( Restart. This typically fixes the issue. If not, escalate to Box Tier 2 support.
    3. If the error is something to the effect that the "download could not be validated", please refer to this article (should be accessible to all ITSS support personnel). Most likely issue is that cookies are disabled in the browser.
  3. If the problem is with Box Drive, there are many possibilities. 
    1. A somewhat common issue is that the user is attempting to access Box Drive on a shared workstation using a generic login or someone else's computer. Box Drive supports only a single user per account.
    2. Other issues should probably be escalated to Box Tier 2 support.


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