Box Training and Tutorials

Video Tutorials

To access the full collection of videos in Chico State Media click here:

Be sure to log in to Chico State Media using your Chico State credentials in order to view the content.




Content Creation

Operating and Working with Files

Uploading & Creating Files

Box Notes

Collaboration Help

Sharing and Collaborating

Email Notification Settings

Activity Log


Trash, Deleting, & Recovery



Box Drive

Box Drive

Online Training

Box University

Once you have a Chico State Box account, you can sign up for Box's online tutorials through Box University. You will need to log in with your Chico State Box account before you can access their new user tutorials.

    • Click on "Login with Box"
    • Click on "Use Single Sign On (SSO)" to log in with your Chico credentials
    • Enter your Chico email address, and click "Authorize"
    • Log in with your Chico credentials
    • Once logged in, click on "Browse for Training"
    • Scroll down to "Popular" 
    • Click on "Box User Essentials Interactive Self-Paced"

Other short training videos are available on the Box website:

Training Classes in CSU Learn

CSU Learn has both online and live training classes. 

To see what trainings are available, and to sign up:

  • To sign up, log into CSU Learn
  • Click on "Training Schedule"
  • In the Search box, enter "box" and then click "Go"
  • This will show Box-related training sessions  - both live and online


If you have a question about Box or an issue you wish to report, you can submit a ticket online.

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