How To - Google Analytics 4 for Campus Pages

Link to Access Google Analytics

Users must be logged in to their account to see analytics.

Make sure you are in the correct Property

Must enter the Live GA4 CSU Chico 

enter the live GA4 property

Live GA4 CSU Chico is the property you must be in to see the data


Exporting Views, Users, Views per user, Average engagement time, Event count

Enter the Reports tab in the left menu

enter the reports tab in the side navigation

In the Reports tab under Life cycle,

  1. Enter the Engagement tab
  2. Select Page View Statistics

Under life cycle enter the engagement tab and select page view statistics

Under the Page title and screen class drop-down menu select Page path and screen class

page title and screen class drop-down menu

select page path and screen class

In the Search field type the site folder or path of the data you are looking for. For example, /hr

Change the number of Rows per page, to view the entire list

changing the number of rows to 250 to view all items

Export to PDF or Share data

export data if needed


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