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Training Outline

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01 Intro and Support Resources

  • Login
  • Login button at /web
  • VPN requirement
  • VPN ticket
  • /web knowledge base
  • Site maintainer agreement
  • University Style Guide
  • Support Knowledge Base
  • Ticket: Cascade Server support
  • Web Services tickets
  • Accessibility Tickets

02 Training Website, Finding a Site in Cascade

  • Training sites - your playground
  • URL structure to find a site
  • URL to find a page
  • Edit a page

03 Uploading Files

  • Content remediation ticket before upload
  • Save a pdf from a web page
  • Save an image from a web page
  • Upload an image
  • Crop an Image
  • Publish an image
  • Upload a pdf
  • Rename with slugs

04 Create a Web Page

  • Open a site
  • Root site folder
  • Edit a folder name
  • Open a folder with right chevron
  • Create a basic page
  • Type in a page name
  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Primary vs secondary sections
  • Complex page type
  • Paste text
  • Add a link to a PDF
  • Link Source: Internal vs External
  • Recent vs Browse
  • Target = new window for PDFs
  • Publish your website
  • Publishing Queue
  • Test your page after publishing

05 Add Image to Web Page

  • Edit a page
  • Add an image
  • Browse > assets > images
  • Alt text
  • Left aligned class

06 Adding a Card

  • Art homepage as an example
  • Add primary content item
  • Content Type > Card Content
  • Add heading
  • Turn text into hyperlink
  • Browse
  • Link to a different site in Cascade
  • Create an external link
  • Create an unordered list
  • Change card styles

07 Widget - Content Tile Set

  • Add Content > Widgets > Content Tile Set
  • Name your widget
  • Group by - how many columns?
  • Simple, Card, Widget
  • Give a heading to a content item
  • Add image to content item
  • Whole card is link
  • Add Content Tile Item
  • Insert your widget onto a page
  • Find your widget in the folder structure
  • Add a widget within a widget
  • Publish the page with the widget

08 Manipulating the Secondary Content

  • Collapse primary content
  • hide secondary content for full width
  • Show secondary, Item Active Yes
  • Add button to secondary content area
  • Don’t use click here links
  • Delete a page
  • Publish full site for navigation changes
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