Installing (And Uninstalling) Proctorio on Google Chrome

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Quick Links: | Installing Proctorio from the Web | Installing Proctorio from within the course | Uninstalling Proctorio |

Note: Proctorio is available on a limited basis and must be paid for on a per/student/academic year prepaid contract.

NOTE: For instructors wishing to activate Proctorio in one of their courses for the first time, contact Jim Aird, Instructional Technology Consultant in TLP for information on the required Proctorio training.

Installing Proctorio

From The Proctorio Website

1.  Open Google Chrome, and make sure it is updatedUpdating Google Chrome

2.  Navigate to and follow the instructions.  

Prompt on for Use Google Chrome and Install Proctorio

3. Select Add to Chrome, then select Add Extension from the following pop-up window.

Add to Chrome button highlighted

From Inside your Canvas Course

1. Instructors - Select Settings and Navigation.  Locate the Secure Exam Proctor (Proctorio Installation) tool and drag it above the line, click Save.

2. Click on the menu item named Secure Exam Proctor from the course menu within your Canvas Course. 

3. From this point forward, the following installation steps are as described above.

Uninstalling Proctorio

1. Open Google Chrome, and select the more… ) icon in the upper right corner.

2. From this menu, select More Tools, and then Extensions.

uninstalling proctorio

3. Locate the Proctorio Extension and select Remove.

remove button highlighted

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