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Mon 5/1/23 - Fri 12/29/23
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Pre-pilot with ISEC and ESYS. Pilot with DoIT. Integration of KnowBe4 with Outlook to enable the presence of a button in Outlook that allows students and employees to report a phishing attempt. Setting up automation of assigned training for those caught by phishing attempts. Creation of internal user documentation. Updating or retiring existing knowledge base articles and web pages related to phishing. Creation of KnowBe4 training modules in CSU Learn. Training of ISEC and ITSS staff. Communication to campus.
Wed 6/7/23 4:34 PM
Mon 9/18/23 10:04 AM

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A successful solution includes integrating KnowBe4 with Outlook to enable the presence of a button in Outlook that allows students and employees to report a phishing attempt. The solution also automates the phish vaporizing method and assigns training to those caught by phishing attempts. The solution would require the creation of internal user documentation, updating or retiring existing knowledge base articles related to phishing, the creation of KnowBe4 training modules in CSU Learn, training of ISEC and ITSS staff, and communication to campus.
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PolicyStat ID 11773867 - ISO Domain 7: Human Resources Security Policy, 2) Information Security Training and Awareness Activities ( FTC Safeguards Rule (
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Goal is December 20223 to have a training package created by that time.

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Impact will be measured using KnowBe4's security analysis tools.
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ISEC's current phish vaporizing method is manual intensive and requires root access to the person's Outlook inbox. Consequences of not doing this project would be a huge loss of opportunity for improved security and enhanced Security and Awareness training. There aren't currently efficient means for a holistic view of phishing runs be reported throughout the environment in a consistent way.
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ISEC, ESYS, ITSS, Jim Kelly, OCIO, Josh Compton, TEIN-Jeremy Olguin related to training, Jatinder for communications, Ross Rashkov for learning modules in CSU Learn.
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KnowBe4 has been purchased and will be used to bolster Chico State's Cybersecurity & Awareness program by providing world-class training for faculty, staff, and students. ISEC and ESYS are already working through a pre-pilot and hope to launch the pilot with DoIT in June and complete a full deployment to campus in July.


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