PeopleSoft CSMP 24 + HRMP 24 + HighPoint updates



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Wed 2/7/24 3:38 PM

Project Details

Project Champion
Person who voluntarily takes special interest in the adoption, implementation, and success of the project. They will help enforce the project solution with internal resources and promote it across campus.
Divisional VP Support
Does your divisional VP support this request?
What would a successful solution look like?
What outcome will you have at the conclusion of this project? If this proposal is one of a multi-phase project, please explain your plans, goals, and timelines for subsequent phases.
PeopleSoft PRD is up to date with the latest updates to Oracle PUM, Chancellor's Office baseline, and HighPoint products
Executive Sponsor Division
The executive sponsor's campus division.
Information Technology
If this request is mandated, please provide details about what's driving the mandate.
If you selected Chancellor's Office, legal or collective bargaining requirement, please provide details about the policy, law or executive memorandum that’s driving the mandate.
These updates are needed in order to keep PeopleSoft up to date and running supported versions of PS software
Project Urgency
Indicate if there is a mandate or requirement driving this request.
Required to keep a campus system running properly
Campus Enduring Commitments & Strategic Goals
For more information about the Campus Enduring Commitments and Strategic Priorities, please go to and
Strategic Priority: Resilient and Sustainable Systems

Project Resources & Effort

DoIT Departments Involved
Any Division of IT departments that will be involved in this project.
EAPP (Enterprise Applications)


PeopleSoft maintenance packs incorporate the latest PUM image from Oracle, updates to Chancellor's Office baseline, and we also run updates of our HighPoint product line.


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