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Project is 75% complete, starting on Tue 1/3/23 and ending on Fri 9/29/23.

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75% complete, updated on Wed 9/20/23 1:21 PM by Wendy Bentley

Changed Percent Complete from 65% to 75%.

  • Fall 24 Application Journeys are being reworked with Admissions now that the team has a better understanding of how the marketing cloud works
    • The submitted/Incomplete/Complete apps journey has been refactored and is now waiting for approval. 
    • The goal is to launch this and a few supplemental journeys by October 1 which is the start of the F24 application period.
  • Fall 24 Admit Journeys are slated to go live in mid-October
  • SMS configuration will need to be finalized
    • Configure a process to sync opt-in data between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud
      • We collect opt-in data from Calstate Apply that will need to be synced to Marketing Cloud
      • If we send texts through Marketing Cloud, we collect opt-in/opt-out info directly in Marketing Cloud
  • Reporting
    • Still need to develop reports and dashboards that Admissions can reference easily.
  • Territory Assignments
    • Territory assignments need to be implemented in Salesforce and then mapped into Marketing Cloud to support personalized communications.


Tue 1/3/23 - Fri 9/29/23
Office of the CIO
Project Requests / Information Technology Project Request
IT Projects / DoIT Project
Green - On track
Increase lead generation and nurturing by expanding the organic prospect pool and simplify and enhance prospects’ journey from exploration to inquiry to application to enrollment.

Maximize marketing efforts and avoid internal competition by coordinating and automating personalize messaging to prospects and applicants.

Develop and deploy automated email and SMS communications journeys for prospects/applicants and their parents/guardians.
Mon 1/16/23 7:38 PM
Wed 9/20/23 1:21 PM

Project Costs

Is funding already secured for this request?
Funding is necessary and has been approved

Project Details

Project Champion
Person who voluntarily takes special interest in the adoption, implementation, and success of the project. They will help enforce the project solution with internal resources and promote it across campus.
Divisional VP Support
Does your divisional VP support this request?
What would a successful solution look like?
What outcome will you have at the conclusion of this project? If this proposal is one of a multi-phase project, please explain your plans, goals, and timelines for subsequent phases.
Utilizing Marketing Cloud to set up 7 to 10 recruitment/admissions focused journeys utilizing automated email and text communications to guide prospective students and applicants through the application cycle.
Is this project mandated or required?
Required (not mandated) directly from Chico State President or VP
If this request is mandated, please provide details about what's driving the mandate.
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The Office of the President has funded the purchase and roll out of Marketing Cloud in an effort to provide tools to increase enrollment at Chico State

Project Impact

How will you measure the impact of this project?
What are some metrics or KPIs that will be used to measure success? Think about the five metrics to measure: quality, quantity, timeliness, cost, and customer satisfaction.
Overall reduction in ongoing manual deployment of individual campaigns throughout the recruitment and admissions cycle. Count of communications related ticket requests before and after deployment.

Reduction in duplicative emails sent to students

Grow prospect pools

Increase measured engagements such as conversions to apply, request information, and schedule a visit.

Increase in the number of incoming students that arrive on campus and attend classes.
What are the consequences of not doing this project?
For example: direct significant negative consequences to the University, unable to conduct basic services; failure to resolve customer complaints or requests; loss of opportunity for improved service delivery or efficiency. Please explain.
The campus will continue to struggle with the deployment of recruitment efforts at scale to positively impact enrollment.
How many employees will be impacted by this change?
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How many students will be impacted by this change?
Select the size of the student population that will be impacted by this request.

Project Resources & Effort

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-Data integration (Dell Boomi)
-Salesforce and Marketing Cloud configuration
NOP Firewall exceptions
-SPF record addition, DMARC, DKIM
-possible email relay deployment
-SSO configuration
Complexity of Implementation
What is the complexity of the project?
High (significant/complex interfaces/impacts/dependencies)
What is the solution type?
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Complete new system or complete replacement of existing system


Like many universities across the United States, Chico State has experienced a decline in student enrollment since our peak in the 2017-2018 academic year.

In response, the campus developed and are enacting a campus-wide action agenda to grow enrollment quickly by addressing the enrollment continuum from outreach and recruitment through retention and graduation.

The campus has embarked on a student-centered, multi-year enrollment effort organized around four areas of focus.

Each group, co-lead by cross-divisional faculty and staff, is oriented around a framework of action to develop and implement immediate strategies and tactics that can impact enrollment for fall 2023.

The Marketing Cloud Deployment project will provide the necessary tools for the Marketing/Recruitment teams to develop personalized, automated communications journeys designed to support students and parents, foster a sense of belonging, and provide tools necessary for success at scale. Marketing Cloud will also provide mechanisms to assess the efficacy of communications in real-time across channels, enabling the marketing and recruitment teams make quicker adjustments to help support ongoing enrollment efforts.

Our current communications toolset is siloed and requires a lot of manual intervention to build individual communications and provide meaningful reporting. Additionally, we are hampered in our abilities to provide the level of personalization that our students and their parents have come to expect as consumers. The overall success of the project will require heavy involvement with our campus recruitment and admissions teams, our implementation partners, and central IT to setup the foundation that will allow us to provide the personalized, timely messaging that will provide the necessary support for our prospects, applicants, and and continuing students to successfully complete their educational journey at Chico State.

Organizational Risks

  1. Medium Impact On Other Projects

    This project will require focused resources and is considered a top priority.

  2. Medium Learning Curves

    We are implementing a new application and our campus does not have experienced personnel

Systems Affected

  1. Dell Boomi

  2. PeopleSoft CS

  3. Salesforce



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Sun 2/5/23 9:58 AM
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Thu 1/12/23 1:26 PM
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Scott Kodai
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Sean McGowan
Director of Enrollment Management - Strategic Communications and Marketing
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