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This is dependent upon the life cycle within the new e-mail policy

Need a follow up meeting (Chris W, Yvonne, Darin, Craig, Greg) to make decisions 


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Divisional VP Support
Does your divisional VP support this request?
What would a successful solution look like?
What outcome will you have at the conclusion of this project? If this proposal is one of a multi-phase project, please explain your plans, goals, and timelines for subsequent phases.
All new student applicants are able to apply with their personal e-mail. All correspondence and log-in sessions are successful via the student's personal e-mail address. At the time of student admission, the admitted student will then be issued their e-mail.

Project Impact

How will you measure the impact of this project?
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Measure successful communication and log-in session completions.
Decreased overhead of e-mail boxes that need to be maintained.
What are the consequences of not doing this project?
For example: direct significant negative consequences to the University, unable to conduct basic services; failure to resolve customer complaints or requests; loss of opportunity for improved service delivery or efficiency. Please explain.
Campus' ability to manage and sustain e-mail administration diminishes.


For historical reasons, Chico State currently creates mailboxes for applicants. We would like to no longer do this for two reasons:

1. We do not have the funding to protect these mailboxes with Duo MFA and having them unprotected is a significant security vulnerability.
2. At this point, all applicants already have a personal email account and they typically do not want to have to check a mailbox for every school they apply to.

This project is to determine when in the student lifecycle a mailbox should be created. As part of this process, we should also examine what other services we are provisioning to applicants to make sure we are only provisioning what they need to have, when they need to have it.

Proposed milestones:
- Meet with stakeholders in Enrollment Management and IT Leadership (including ISEC) to determine what services prospective students should be provisioned and at what stage in the affiliation lifecycle.
- - Proposal: a new affiliation called StudentIntent is created at the time an admitted student files an Intent to Enroll. This affiliation can be to drive account creation as listed below:
- - - StudentApplicant:
- - - - LDAP account
- - - - Portal account
- - - - PeopleSoft account
- - - - Eduroam access?
- - - - Salesforce?
- - - - Cashnet? (I heard a rumor that Cashnet account creation is triggered by the existence of an email address in PeopleSoft; this should be more explicitly managed by Account Center)
- - - StudentIntent
- - - - AD account
- - - - O365 account and mailbox
- - - - Duo
- - - StudentActive
- - - - All accounts as currently listed in the Entitlements Catalog (including LMS, Google, LinkedIn Learning, etc.)

Once the stakeholders are in agreement, implement the proposed changes in Account Center and adjust applicant communications appropriately


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Chris Witthans
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Mon 5/1/23 10:24 AM