Fonteva Decomission and Orientation Event Data Migration



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Fri 10/21/22 - Thu 3/2/23
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The removal of Fonteva application from the Salesforce Org and the migration of ONSP event data to the TargetX objects for reporting.
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We need to remove the software since we are not renewing the contract. If we don't remove the software and issues come up during Salesforce updates, we will not have vendor support to resolve the errors.
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To prepare for the related project to pull Orientation Event data in from VZO, we will need to map the data to the existing targetx event fields

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The Division of IT will no longer have to pay for Fonteva licenses which equate roughly 7K. Additionally, the overhead to test the third party application three times a year in preparation for the Salesforce Winter, Spring, and Summer updates will be removed, saving 20 hours a year.
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We will have out dated software with no vendor support running on the Salesforce platform. If issues come up we will be on our own to fix them. Furthermore, the data overhead to retain the objects and their data is costly.
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A few
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Donovan St. Clair
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Decommission of an existing system


The primary user of Fonteva Event Management is now using VZO and we need to decommission the software and migrate the Orientation data off of the Fonteva objects in Salesforce. The removal of the Fonteva application and objects will clean up the Salesforce Org and reduce overhead. The Customer Engagement team will also move the Orientation event data so it remains reportable utilizing the TargetX event objects. This project will dovetail into another project with Orientation where we will pull in new Orientation event data to assist with reporting and communications.


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