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Mon 1/30/23 - Thu 6/22/23
Orientation & New Student Programs
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Change Impact

What are the consequences of not doing this project?
For example: direct significant negative consequences to the University, unable to conduct basic services; failure to resolve customer complaints or requests; loss of opportunity for improved service delivery or efficiency. Please explain.
-We would miss an opportunity to collect Orientation engagement data to inform the AEM score that Enrollment management uses to gauge the likelihood that applicants will persist through Census
-Lack of visibility for key stakeholder groups to see how many students in their program are planning to attend. Could impact the ability to adequately staff Orientation events
-Make the sending of Orientation email invitations labor intensive
-Limit the ability to do year-over-year analysis
How many employees will be impacted by this change?
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How many students will be impacted by this change?
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Project Costs

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Project Details

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Divisional VP Support
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What would a successful solution look like?
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A successful solution would include:
-Automated process to pull in applicant registration, cancellation, and attendance data
-Development of Dashboards and reports to support Summer Orientation data sharing with key stakeholders
-Development of communications to market orientation to students who have not registered for the events
Executive Sponsor Division
The executive sponsor's campus division.
Student Affairs
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No mandate or hard requirement driving this request
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Enduring Commitment: Transformative Student Experiences
Deadline Reason
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Summer Orientation registration will begin in March. It would be ideal to align the delivery of the automated feed to occur in lockstep with the opening of registration.

Project Resources & Effort

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Integrations and Development and Customer Engagement Teams
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Moderate (multiple interfaces/impacts/dependencies)
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New features in an existing system, minimal breadth/depth


The Orientation team has successfully transitioned to VZO to manage their day-to-day Orientation events.

They have identified a need to pull key registration and attendance data back into Salesforce to help facilitate data sharing in the form of Dashboards and report distribution to key stakeholders involved in the delivery of Orientation for our applicants.

Major Tasks:
-Identify the data elements needed to show registrations by date, by major, by division, and student support program
-Work with VZO to develop an automated nightly process to pull data from VZO into Salesforce
-Update dashboards and reports to support the data analysis and data sharing between key stakeholders groups for Orientation
-Utilize the data to identify students that have not yet signed up for Orientation to market Orientation to this population
-Map event data from VZO into TargetX event objects

Systems Affected

  1. Dell Boomi

  2. Salesforce

  3. TargetX



Stakeholders (4)

Cathy Gregg
Thu 11/17/22 9:50 AM
Sean McGowan
Sean McGowan
Director of Enrollment Management - Strategic Communications and Marketing
Thu 11/17/22 9:50 AM
Shawn Ryan
Shawn Ryan
Thu 11/17/22 9:49 AM
Victoria Militar-Tweedie
Thu 11/17/22 9:49 AM