Configure Adobe Sign for Auto-provisioning and De-provisioning



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Tue 7/5/22 - Wed 5/31/23
Enterprise Applications
Electronic Forms & Signatures / Adobe Sign / Unity Forms Process Request (New, Modify, Delete) and Issues
IT Projects / DoIT Project
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HR will be able to more efficiently obtain new employee signatures. Ensuring student identity on forms requiring signatures for Enrollment Management departments.
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Additional manual work for EAPP, HR, and Enrollment Management; loss of opportunity for improved service and efficiency.
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Lauri Henry, Keith Adams, and Sam Back.
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Minimal (minimal system interfaces/impacts/dependencies)
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Upgrade to existing infrastructure/code


We currently have Adobe Sign users in the default group who can either Sign Only or Sign/Send. New faculty/staff/student users will be auto-provisioned with Sign permissions via Account Center. Send permission can be requested via a separate ticket. Adobe Sign has unlimited licenses for user accounts that can be assigned.

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  1. Adobe Sign


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Keith Adams
Chico State
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Responsible, accountable, consulted.
Thu 7/14/22 12:48 PM