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Mon 6/5/23 - Thu 8/31/23
Risk Management
IT Projects / DoIT Project
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Tue 6/21/22 4:40 PM
Mon 4/24/23 4:17 PM

Project Costs

Is funding already secured for this request?
Funding is necessary and has been approved

Project Details

Divisional VP Support
Does your divisional VP support this request?
What would a successful solution look like?
What outcome will you have at the conclusion of this project? If this proposal is one of a multi-phase project, please explain your plans, goals, and timelines for subsequent phases.
All Risk Management and Procurement documents and workflows would be in OnBase.
Is this project mandated or required?
No mandate or hard requirement driving this request

Project Impact

What are the consequences of not doing this project?
For example: direct significant negative consequences to the University, unable to conduct basic services; failure to resolve customer complaints or requests; loss of opportunity for improved service delivery or efficiency. Please explain.
Being prevented from moving off of Perceptive Content.
How many employees will be impacted by this change?
Select the size of the employee population that will be impacted by this request.
How many students will be impacted by this change?
Select the size of the student population that will be impacted by this request.

Project Resources & Effort

What resources will this project require?
Identify the department and/or individuals that might need to work on this project and the level of effort required (minimal, moderate, extensive/substantial).
Hyland professional services, Risk Management staff, Procurement and Contract Services staff, and Digital Transformation staff.
Complexity of Implementation
What is the complexity of the project?
Minimal (minimal system interfaces/impacts/dependencies)
What is the solution type?
The solution type translates to the level of impact on IT staffing and technology maintenance. Based on consultation with your IT representative, pick the best fit for your proposed solution.
Complete new system or complete replacement of existing system


Migrate Risk Management and Procurement documents and workflows from Perceptive Content to OnBase.

Systems Affected

  1. Perceptive Content


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