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Mon 1/30/23
Project (20-230 Hours Effort)
This final piece of the larger project allows Academic Affairs to obtain accurate course-related costs, and make budget decisions with the college deans. This means that this project request is cross-divisional and impacts Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and IRES.

Currently, any department offering a combined section that has AWTU associated with it, has to remember to modify their AWTU description in order to trigger the association between the AWTU and the cost of instruction for the courses themselves. The modification includes the “#” symbol, which triggers a hard-coded programming effort in Cognos budget reports. Any other type of AWTU that inadvertently has this hashtag symbol included in its description may trigger a budget association that is inappropriate.
Mon 6/20/22 8:52 AM
Wed 2/7/24 4:14 PM

Change Impact

How will you measure the impact of this project?
What are some metrics or KPIs that will be used to measure success? Think about the five metrics to measure: quality, quantity, timeliness, cost, and customer satisfaction.
Reduction in time spent on the manual work-around; supporting the hard coding that needed to be completed in COGNOS to facilitate the work-around. Reduced need to audit the COGNOS reports.

As many as 50 departments, twice a year, have to remember to employ this workaround. And APSS, twice a year during the workload cycle of approximately 3 months, has to audit AWTU entries to ensure that everyone that should be using the hashtag, is, and that everyone else using the hashtag cleans up their data. It depends on the number of combined sections that qualify for additional assigned pay, and varies by semester. It could potentially be 2 hours per department per year, plus, say, 20 hours per year of Jennifer's time.
What are the consequences of not doing this project?
For example: direct significant negative consequences to the University, unable to conduct basic services; failure to resolve customer complaints or requests; loss of opportunity for improved service delivery or efficiency. Please explain.
Inaccurate course processing and budgeting.
How many employees will be impacted by this change?
Select the size of the employee population that will be impacted by this request.
How many students will be impacted by this change?
Select the size of the student population that will be impacted by this request.

Project Costs

Funding Status
Funding is not necessary

Project Details

Divisional VP Support
Does your divisional VP support this request?
What would a successful solution look like?
What outcome will you have at the conclusion of this project? If this proposal is one of a multi-phase project, please explain your plans, goals, and timelines for subsequent phases.
The appearance of the combined section in the Related Class drop-down.
Executive Sponsor Division
The executive sponsor's campus division.
Student Affairs
If this request is mandated, please provide details about what's driving the mandate.
If you selected Chancellor's Office, legal or collective bargaining requirement, please provide details about the policy, law or executive memorandum that’s driving the mandate.
Required for accurate reporting.
Project Urgency
Indicate if there is a mandate or requirement driving this request.
Not mandated or required
Campus Enduring Commitments & Strategic Goals
For more information about the Campus Enduring Commitments and Strategic Priorities, please go to and
Strategic Priority: Resilient and Sustainable Systems

Project Resources & Effort

What resources will this project require?
Identify the department and/or individuals that might need to work on this project and the estimated number of hours required for each individual.
PeopleSoft team, COGNOS support team, and Jennifer Aceves.
DoIT Departments Involved
Any Division of IT departments that will be involved in this project.
EAPP (Enterprise Applications)
Complexity of Implementation
What is the complexity of the project?
Moderate (multiple interfaces/impacts/dependencies)
What is the solution type?
The solution type translates to the level of impact on IT staffing and technology maintenance. Based on consultation with your IT representative, pick the best fit for your proposed solution.
New features in an existing system, moderate breadth/depth


For reporting in Cognos, the modification to the Assign Type Reason page (Instructor Term Workload) is not pulling Combined Sections into the Related Class drop-down menu (only individual sections that have a Class Nbr from the main page). I would like an additional modification to the code that pulls Class Nbr OR Comb Sects ID (if no Class Nbr). The Value I would like returned and displayed on the Related Class drop-down menu would be the LEAD class as described in the Combined Sections Table, Short Description. This is the last PeopleSoft enhancement needed related to the previous project (#386644) from 2021.

Systems Affected

  1. PeopleSoft CS


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