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Project is 95% complete, starting on Mon 9/19/22 and ending on Mon 9/25/23.

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95% complete, updated on Mon 5/15/23 2:50 PM by Martin Mejia


EDI_Census_Summer.bat created to run script

EDI_Census_Summer scheduled task created on eapp-pc2


The script checks EDI-GRAD Admis Reviewed


The term will need to be changed manually because this is a summer census script.


The script starts by checking what term is on the documents and it compares it to what the manually entered term. If they are a newer or older term, it is skipped (note: this may want to be changed to accept all terms process previous terms). If it matches the manually entered term, then the script checks to see if they are currently enrolled.


If they are enrolled, they are moved to the record drawer and field 4 is changed to PBAC, then they are archived away. If they are not enrolled the documents are moved to the EDI-Grad OR.


Testing was done on the development server. I moved all the documents in EDI-GRAD Admis Reviewed to EDI-GRAD Admis temporarily. I moved documents into EDI-GRAD Admis Reviewed for testing.  I used old documents in Development but also new documents I copied from Production.

Next steps is to wait for Sam's review and approval of script, then everything can be copied to Production.

Location of logs for EDI_Census_Summer.js:

Box\EAPP\Digital Transformations\Projects\EDI Summer Census Project


Script is located at eapp-pc2 at:



Mon 9/19/22 - Mon 9/25/23
Graduate Studies
OnBase & Perceptive Content ECM Systems / OnBase & Perceptive Content - Issues and Requests (New, Modify, Delete)
IT Projects / DoIT Project
Green - On track
Create a script, similar to the fall/spring scripts, to move transcripts to the correct area in Perceptive Content.
Mon 6/20/22 8:31 AM
Mon 6/26/23 3:26 PM

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Funding is not necessary

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Person who voluntarily takes special interest in the adoption, implementation, and success of the project. They will help enforce the project solution with internal resources and promote it across campus.
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Behind the scenes script that would transfer Graduate Studies summer transcripts to the correct area within Perceptive Content, just as it occurs with fall and spring transcripts.
Is this project mandated or required?
No mandate or hard requirement driving this request
What is the reason for the project being completed by the deadline?
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August 16th is the census date for summer. It would be nice to have the script completed by that time.

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The impact includes reduction of manual labor to transfer these transcripts currently. This would also ensure accuracy and improve operational efficiency.
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Failure to improve services.
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A few
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Digital Transformation team and Graduate Studies contact, either Jean Arnold or Micah Lehner.
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Minimal (minimal system interfaces/impacts/dependencies)
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New features in an existing system, moderate breadth/depth


Graduate Studies transcripts currently exist in Perceptive Content but a script was never created for summer transcripts, as it was for fall and spring, to move the Graduate Studies transcripts to the records drawer/queue for students who were admitted and enrolled in summer. This is only students who actually enrolled in summer.

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  1. Perceptive Content


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Carrie Adsit
Consulted, Informed
Jean Arnold, original requestor, is retiring February 28, 2022 and said Carrie can be added to this project.
Fri 2/11/22 8:31 AM
Micah Lehner
Consulted, Informed
Back-up for Jean when she retires in February.
Tue 1/18/22 4:01 PM