Electronic Add/Drop forms and Workflow Process



Project is 85% complete, starting on Mon 10/3/22 and ending on Mon 10/16/23.

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85% complete, updated on Thu 9/21/23 12:11 PM by Darin Wilt

-The team is working the main tasks through a card wall on MS TEAMS https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3aHoIvo-i3Uy83cc0PIVSWlyaYw2vuoSfxZvNhtJ8wTWU1%40thread.tacv2/General?groupId=16dd77bf-12bc-4381-979b-92851bbc7283&tenantId=96b947f8-b97d-4e5e-aeef-1a880b49c251.

-This TEAMS page contains the testing/review spreadsheet (Add and Drop Form Testing.xlsx.

-The EAPP team is working with the registrar's office and Hyland to ensure the forms display and function as needed. 

-Because the team was already using MS TEAMS, the PM made the decision to continue using the tool to manage the work.

-The PM will continue to update progress in TDX for the sponsor's/stakeholders' situational awareness. 

-The PM will work with the sponsor to develop a reporting rhythm 


Mon 10/3/22 - Mon 10/16/23
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Mon 6/20/22 8:47 AM
Thu 9/21/23 12:11 PM

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The Registrar's Office processes 1,500 Add/Drop forms each semester requiring approval by the Instructor and the Registrar's Office. If the form is submitted after the 4th week of the semester, signatures from the Dept. Chair and the College Dean are also required. Once all signatures have been acquired, changes are input into PeopleSoft. Currently this process is occurring via email, which is hard to track, very labor intensive, and prone to errors. In addition to those issue, the entire email thread is loaded into Perceptive Content as part of the student’s permanent record even though some of the contents of those emails should not be part of a student’s permanent record. The Registrar's Office will be contracting services with Hyland to develop an Add form/workflow and a Drop form/workflow to streamline the add/drop process to free up an already overburdened Registrar Office Staff. Enterprise Applications technical resources will work to develop the database queries to automatically pull data to populate the Unity form field while the student is working with the form.

Once the solution is in place. students will be able to fill out an electronic add/drop form and submit it for processing. The workflow will send the request to the instructor of record for approval, followed by the department chair and the college dean if after the 4th week of instructions, and finally to the Registrar's Office as the last approval step. A deny at any step of the process will cause the form to leave workflow and alert the student and the Registrar's Office. After all steps have been completed, the Registrar’s Office will manually update PeopleSoft. A subsequent project will automate the updates in PeopleSoft providing an end-to-end electronic workflow process.

Systems Affected

  1. PeopleSoft CS

  2. Perceptive Content


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