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In this article:
- Access the Zoom integration from your Blackboard Learn course
- Schedule a Weekly, Live Zoom Class Meeting
- Determine how you want to set up your office hours
- Starting your Zoom meeting from Blackboard Learn 
- Sharing Content 
- Recording Your Meeting & Embedding the Recording into Blackboard Learn
Answers to questions frequently asked about Blackboard Learn.
Frequently asked Zoom questions
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This article contains common tasks for Blackboard Learn:
Setting Up your Course, Content, Communications, Assignments, Tests, Grading
Students typically gain access 10 days before start of term.
View My Grades and check for instructor feedback on an assignment
This article shows you how to use the content editor within your Blackboard Learn course.
Contains step-by step instructions for accessing Blackboard Learn, adding a profile picture, submitting to assignments, adding video content and more.
Guide for instructors to access TurnItIn assignments
Too many courses in your list? You can decide which courses are shown.
Contains quick tutorials for students to submit to a Turnitin assignment, view the similarity score and view instructor feedback.