Wildcat ID FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions about Wildcat ID Cards


Where is the Wildcat ID Card Office? What are the hours?

We are located in Meriam Library room 142, inside the ITSS Office. During the school year, we are open Monday - Friday, 7:30a - 5:00p. During summer, we are open Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


How do I get a new ID Card? Do I need an appointment?

No appointments are necessary! To get a new ID Card, visit our office during our business hours. If you are upgrading from the old version of the campus card (pre-2020), your first Smart card is free. If it is your first card ever, it is free; student and student employee replacements cost $2. Faculty or Staff replacements are free. If you are an online or distance-learning student, please email us at ID-Cards@csuchico.edu to make arrangements to mail your card. 


Can I have a duplicate or multiple ID Cards?

No, you are only allowed to have one active card at a time. Students should not be using other students’ cards. We do not want unauthorized people using the card to gain access to buildings or dorms on campus.


How do I put money on my card? 

You can add Wildcat Dollars in a few different ways:

  • Using the GET Mobile App or Website:
    • https://get.cbord.com/csuchico/full/prelogin.php
    • Students can download the GET Mobile app on their iPhone or Android. They will need to install it from their App Store or Play Store.
    • Once installed, they can sign in using their Chico credentials.
    • Click "Add Funds" to add to the Wildcat $$ account. They will need a debit or credit card.
  • Student Financial Services in Student Services Center (SSC) room 230
    • Deposits can be made in person, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
    • SFIN accepts the following:
      • Cash
      • Check
      • Money Order or Cashier's Check


What can I use my card for?

  • If you are in the dorms, ID Cards are used as your room key, as well as for meal swipes and FlexCash.
  • For both on-campus and off-campus students, the Wildcat Dollars account can be used for a variety of places on campus. The Wildcat $$ Account acts as a debit card for on-campus transactions. 
  • ID Cards can also be used for:
    • The B-Line bus system
    • Checking out items at the library
    • Library printing/copying
    • Wildcat Health Center (for check-in)
    • University Box Office
    • Discounts at some Chico businesses


What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

  • Using the GET Mobile App, you can mark your card “lost” so that it becomes unusable, in case someone else has your card.
  • Call the Wildcat Card Office at 530-898-6119 and report the card lost/stolen.
  • Come to MLIB 142 at your earliest convenience to get a new card. Replacements are $2.
    • Once a card has been replaced, the old one becomes fully deactivated. Even if you find the card, it will not work. 


What if I find someone else's lost ID card?

If you happen to find someone else's ID card, please bring it to our office in MLIB 142 so that we can reach out to them in order to return it.

If it is located out-of-state, it can be mailed to:

Wildcat ID Card Office
400 W. First St. 
ZIP 0260
Chico, CA 95926

Anything more than an ID Card (keys, wallet, etc) needs to be turned into the University Police Department, on the corner of Chestnut and W. 2nd St.


Who is allowed to get an ID Card?

Not everyone is entitled to an ID Card. Only the following can get ID Cards:

The following can not get ID Cards:

  • Students who have not yet enrolled in classes and/or Summer Orientation (Admitted students)
  • Former Students / Alumni
  • Professional & Continuing Education Students
    • You will need to reach out to PCE for a card. Our office cannot assist with these.
  • Former employees (non-retired)


Can I change the name on my card?

Yes and no. The name on your card can be changed, but only after it is changed in Peoplesoft. To get the name changed, students need to speak with the Office of the Registrar and Staff/Faculty need to speak to HR.

Once a legal name change happens and is reflected in the system, a new ID Card can be printed at no charge. 


Can I get a library card without paying for a replacement?

The Wildcat ID Card Office can issue temporary library passes, free of charge. Students will need to visit the ID Card desk with their ID number ready.



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