Avaya Workplace - Android, Personal Device Setup

9-1-1 Disclosure


Although this application acts like a phone, DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION TO PLACE 9-1-1 EMERGENCY CALLS. If you use this application to place 9-1-1 emergency calls, first responders will be dispatched to your office location, not your actual location when mobile, because the number associated with this application is tied to your office location on campus. If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 on your cell phone or land line. Do not use this application.

Mobile Data Disclosure

Calls placed or received through Avaya Workplace are data-based calls. Because of this, this application has the potential to use large amounts of mobile data. The university is not responsible for charges, overages, or data use on personal devices. To limit the amount of mobile data use, it is recommended that you prioritize use of WiFi on your mobile device where possible.

Acceptable Use Policy

Avaya Workplace is your work phone in whichever form you use it: handset, computer, or mobile device. Please be sure that your usage of Avaya Workplace is in accordance with Policy on Use of Computing and Communications Technology (Revised For Faculty by EM 07-001).

Support for Personal Devices

Installation of Avaya Workplace on a personal device is a personal choice. It is in no way required for employment, and is entirely optional. Although personal devices are not formally supported, CSU, Chico will make a good faith effort to support users who choose to install and use Avaya Workplace on their personal devices.



Access the Google Play Store. Download the “Avaya Workplace” app by Avaya Incorporated.

In order to function properly, the Avaya Workplace app requires permission to access your mobile device. Click OK to continue with installation. You can change these permissions later in Android System Settings.

Next, select “Configure my account.”

Enter your entire Chico State email address where prompted. Then, select Next.

Enter your Chico State Username and Password where prompted. Then, select Next.

It will take a moment for setup to complete. This Emergency Disclaimer must be noted before use: Do not use this application to make an emergency call. Select OK.

The tutorial will launch the first time you log in. The tutorial can be helpful to navigate the layout of Avaya Workplace. Please note that not all features shown in the tutorial are active at this time.

Your installation and configuration of Avaya Workplace are complete. You may begin using Avaya Workplace for your calling and voicemail needs.



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