Working on Project Tasks in TeamDynamix

How Do I Manage project tasks in the My Work application?

The My Work application provides a good way to manage all of your assignments in TeamDynamix, whether they are tickets, ticket tasks, or project tasks (Waterfall or Card Wall).

To access the My Work application for the first time, select the red application menu button in the upper left-hand corner of the TeamDynamix screen, and select the My Work application.

Accessing the My Work application.

When a project task is assigned to you, it will visible in My Assignments within the My Work application.  If you choose to, you can manage all your work assignment that you're currently working on by moving the task to to your My Work list.  Select Add To My Work found below the project task assigned to you to do so.

MY Work Application


How do I view a full project plan?

You can view full project plans and your project tasks directly within a project.  Once added as a project resource, a technician has access to view plans, create new tasks, and modify tasks. 

By default, a project resource has the ability to add and work with project tasks.  If the project resource requires the ability to modify all aspects of project plans (e.g. creating card wall lanes, adding waterfall tasks), they will need to be added as an "Alternate Manager" to be provided that ability.

To access the project plans, go to the Projects/Workspaces application and select the desired project in the left-hand navigation. This will expand the project menu. Click on "Plans" to see a list of project plans that are part of the project.

Viewing project plansProjects can have multiple project plans, and TeamDynamix supports both standard "waterfall" and "card wall" project plans. Tasks can appear in either type of plan.

Card wall plans

Card wall plans are listed as type "Card Wall" in the list of plans for a project. Select the plan name to open it.

To update a task in a card wall plan, select the pencil icon associated with the task you want to update.

Card wall

Editing a task in the card wall is a bit different than from updating it from elsewhere in TeamDynamix (e.g., My Work). Tasks that are managed in a card wall are still Click on "Save" once you have made your changes.

Edit card

How do I update my tasks?

To update a task, select the task title. When the task window opens, select "Actions" and then "Update".

Task window

On the update screen, you can change the task status and/or percent complete, add comments, as well as notify other users of your changes. Select "Save" to apply the changes to the task status.

Task update screen

Waterfall Plans

Waterfall plans are listed as type "Waterfall" in the list of plans for a project.  Select the plan name to open it.  Waterfall plans support both standard list and Gantt views.

List view of waterfall plan

Gantt view of waterfall plan

To update a task in a waterfall plan, right click on task you wish to update, and select "Update...".

Selecting a task to update


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