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This article will cover the Eduroam setup for devices running MacOS. Depending on your hardware and the version of MacOS you are using, your setup process may look slightly different.


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This article will cover the Eduroam setup for devices running MacOS. Depending on your hardware and the version of MacOS you are using, your setup process may look slightly different. We recommend installing all available system updates before you continue.

Removing Eduroam on a Personal Device (Pre-Ventura)

Note: MacOS Ventura and later will be different. Apple has changed certain features, including renaming "System Preferences" to "System Settings"

  1. Using Finder search for "System Preferences" and click to open.
    System Preferences
  2. From System Preferences, open Profiles.
    Open Profiles
  3. On the Profiles page, find the "California State University Chico eduroam" profile, click to select, then click the minus symbol - at the bottom of the left pane. 
    Remove Certificate
  4. You will be asked to confirm this action, click "Remove" to continue.
    Confirm remove
  5. You may be prompted for your system password to make these changes. Your system password is the one used to unlock your computer and make changes to the device. Enter your system password in the provided field and click OK to complete the process.
    Enter System Password
  6. Removing the "California State University Chico eduroam" profile removes all wireless connections, permissions, certificates, and keychain entries associated with "eduroam" wireless.

Setup Eduroam on a Personal Device (Pre-Ventura)

 If you are running Catalina or newer, skip to Step 10. Once clicking on Eduroam, sign in directly with your FULL Chico State email and password. Downloading the certificate is not necessary unless it does not work.

  1. We'll start by connecting to the "csuchico" wireless network using the Wi-Fi icon in the top right corner of your screen. 
    Connect to csuchico
  2. Once connected, open a new browser window (Safari/Chrome/Firefox/etc) and attempt to access the internet. You should be automatically redirected to the Chico Eduroam "Sign Me Up!" Page. If not, manually browse to  to kick off the setup process.
  3. To download the new Eduroam connection profile you will need to select or enter the following:
    • Enter your Email Address: This is your Chico State email address
    • Select your device: this is the version of macOS currently running on your device
    • Once these items are complete, click the "JoinNow" button.
      Click Join Now
  4. Your system will now download the eduroam configuration profile. Once it's complete you will get a system notification for Profile Installation, which you must approve. Click the notification to continue or browse to System Preferences and then Profiles.
    Profile Installation
  5. The newly downloaded eduroam MobileConfg should be at the top of the leftmost menu in the Profiles pane. Click it to select and then click the "Install..." button to continue.
    Install Profile
  6. You will be asked to confirm this installation. Click "Continue" to proceed. 

  7. You will next be prompted to enter a password. This field is labeled as optional, however for the smoothest setup experience, we recommend you enter your Chico password here. Once your Chico password is entered into this field, click "Install" to continue. 

  8. Depending on your system settings, you may receive a notification that "The network 'csuchico' is currently in use.' This is expected, click "Install" to continue. 

  9. You will now be prompted to make the profile changes to your system. Please enter your system password (the one you use to sign into the device) into the password field. After your system password is entered, click "OK" to continue. Make sure to click "Always Allow" if that is an option. 

  10. After a brief moment while the profile installs, you should now be connected to the "eduroam" network! 

University-Owned MacOS Devices

These devices are owned by the California State University, Chico, and the software on them is managed by an internal system. 

To ensure you are ready to connect:

1. Our first step will be to connect to a wireless network. Select the wireless icon from the top menu bar on your system and "Turn Wi-Fi On" if it is not already.

2. If you are on campus we'll be using the "csuchico" wireless network.

3. Click "csuchico" to connect.

4. Once connected to the network, click the small Apple icon in the top left of your screen and select System Preferences.

5. From System Preferences then select Profiles.

6. From the Profiles list, search for "Eduroam".

7. Once the above profile appears in your Profiles list, simply go back to your wireless menu and click to select the "eduroam" wireless network.

8. Enter your Chico email address and password when prompted:

  • Account Name: this is your Chico email address
  • Password: This is your Chico password (Portal, email, etc)

Once this information is entered, click "OK" to connect.

9. You are now connected to the "eduroam" wireless network.

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