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IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

The Information Technology Procurement Review (ITPR) process is part of CSU, Chico’s commitment to making the resources and tools used on campus accessible and secure. Chancellor's Office policy requires the campus to purchase Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) products that meet Section 508 Accessibility requirements. Systems and applications that are not accessible pose a risk to the campus if a student, faculty, staff, parent, or the public is unable to use them. 

For more information about the CSU Procurement policy visit the CSU System ATI Procurement Process page.

There are 3 main areas assessed as part of IT Procurement Review:

  1. Accessibility Risk
  2. Information Security Risk
  3. System Compatibility

An ITPR is required when you are purchasing any Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT), regardless of price. This includes equipment, software, or systems that can store, manage, control, manipulate or retrieve information for human interaction. In other words, any technology with a human interface. This includes everything from computers, to videos, web content and telecommunications products.

To complete the ITPR process you will need to obtain a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) from the vendor.  If protected/confidential data will be collected you also need to complete a Security Data Requirements Checklist

To speed the ITPR process, please attach the vendor quote and appropriate vendor documentation. Examples of vendor documentation includes specifications, contract language (e.g., MEA, MSA, EULA, etc.), technical implementation guides, etc.