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CSU Systemwide Professional Development is using SkillSoft to deliver online training.

While the content may come from multiple sources (LawRoom, SkillSoft, MindLeaders), the unified delivery will make finding training much easier. In addition, the CSU will use the campus authentication process, so that state employees (faculty, staff, manager, and student employees) can use their campus login to enter the training system.

This system will be used to deliver compliance training, as well as web-based professional development.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For Compliance Training Log into DTS System

ATTENTION: If you complete a course through this site, the completion data doesn't automatically pass on to the campus Development and Training System (DTS). Please email and we will be happy to transition your SkillSoft completion record to the campus DTS.

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SkillSoft Courses NOT Displaying Content

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Troubleshooting techniques to use if you're having trouble logging into SkillSoft training or are unable to launch courses.

Skillsoft Courses Not Launching

Users may get to their CATALOG or MY PLAN section of their profile and click the course to launch it and “nothing will happen”. The majority of the time this is due to a pop-up blocker being enabled on their browser. Here are the steps to take to have their pop-up blocker disabled for the site.

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