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Pulse Secure VPN Known Issues

VPN stuck at "Connect requested" or "Disconnecting"

Known Issue: When attempting to connect the VPN client will state "Connect requested" and not connect.  Upon selecting "Cancel" the client will state "Disconnecting" and not change.

Symptoms: The device does not properly connect to the VPN.

Workaround: Remove the connection profile by selecting the connection and selecting the "x" in the connection list.  Recreate the profile with the settings from initial setup.

Pulse Secure client stuck in the "Connect requested" state

Pulse Secure Client showing the "Disconnecting" screen, select the "X" to delete the profile.

Creating a new profile for the Pulse Secure Client.

Newer Operating Systems

Known Issue: Newer operating systems running the Pulse Secure VPN client may have connectivity issues.

Symptoms: The device may or may not connect via the Pulse Secure VPN, if connected, connectivity will drop after several minutes.

Reason: The Pulse Secure client requires Clearpass Onguard to be running.  Upon connecting to the VPN Clearpass Onguard checks into the server on campus and postures the device as healthy or unhealthy.  In the event it is unhealthy, Clearpass will change the network role of the device and disrupt the VPN connection.  Clearpass may not support new operating systems for several days after initial release.

Workaround: Resolve any Clearpass Onguard unhealthy issues.  You may have to wait for the Clearpass Onguard update to support latest operating systems.


Resolved Issues Below:

Please let ITSS know if these issues occur.

Failed to connect to the Pulse Secure service (Mac OS 10.12)

Known Issue:  New profiles cannot be created and connections cannot be established within Pulse Secure 5.2.3(537) on Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra).

Symptoms: When creating a profile it will prompt the error "Failed to connect to the Pulse Secure Service".

Workaround: There is no workaround at this time. The VPN will be upgraded to a version that supports Mac OS 10.12 in October (2016).

Example of the error shown when attempting to add a connection for Pulse Secure 5.2.3 on Mac OS 10.12

Mac OSX Clearpass Onguard "Auth Server is not available" (Off Campus)

Known Issue: While connecting from off campus, on a Mac OSX device via the Pulse Secure client, the Clearpass Onguard client will read as "Auth Server is not available" instead of "Connected". (See Image below)

Symptoms: Connectivity is NOT impacted to campus resources. Clearpass will show an orange exclamation point instead of the green check mark.

Reason: The Clearpass Onguard application is unable to properly reach the Clearpass server through the Pulse Secure VPN connection.

Workaround: This issue does NOT impact connectivity. No action is required.  The vendor is aware of the issue and is currently researching solutions.

Clearpass error message Auth Server is not available


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