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Connecting Ubuntu 14.04 to Eduroam

Network Requirements

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or 14.04 LTS (15.x/16.x NOT SUPPORTED)
  • Sudo password.
  • Antivirus software (such as ClamAV) is highly recommended

Getting Connected to Eduroam

This guide will step though how to connect to the Eduroam campus wireless network with linux, specifically Ubuntu 14.04. 

1. Start off by removing any of the campus's networks from the list of known networks. Including: eduroamcsuchico, and csuchico-guest.

Reviewing the wireless network properties.

2. If one of the connections is having issues getting removed make sure you've tried to remove it once, and then restart the computer.

Confirming the available networks.

3. Reconnect back to csuchico.

Reconnecting to the csuchico network

4. Go to once you've connected to csuchico wireless. 

Navigating to to get configured.

5. Download the python setup script for eduroam. This script is known to work with Debian based systems, mileage may vary if using slackware/fedora/mint/non-debian based systems.

Downloading the eduroam installer.

6. Open up a terminal and move to the directory the script is located.

Opening a terminal window

7. Run the script with sudo python and provide your computer password.

***If the script fails, manually add a wi-fi network connection (step 10) and enter the details shown in Step 12. (The certificate field can be left empty.)


Running the downloaded python script for Clearpass.

8. For the first field username, put in the username for your user on the computer. If you're not sure, look at the terminal and see what it says on a clean line. ie "sean@sean-linux-laptop:" My username is sean.

For the second field put the password associated with the account for your computer.

For the third field put your chico portal username.

For the fourth field put your chico portal password.

You should see a disconnected to csuchico popup.

Entering your Chico State username and password.

9. And lastly a connected to eduroam; however, we're not done.

Confiring you are connected to eduroam.

10. Click on the wireless icon on the top right, Edit Connections... And then remove csuchico if you see it there.

Removing the csuchico network again.

11. You may be prompted for your credentials whenever connecting to eduroam after coming back to campus To fix this open up Edit Connections.

Entering Chico State password.

12. Click on eduroam, and click edit. You'll be prompted with this window. Go ahead and set a password so it can automatically authenticate with said password.

Confiriming network settings for eduroam configuration.

Your computer should now be able to automatically connect to eduroam.  If issues occur remove the old settings and manually set the information above in the network settings.

Clearpass Onguard and Antivirus Software Guides.

13.  You will need Clearpass Onguard and Antivirus Software to use gain full access on the "eduroam" network. The links will provide step by step guides on those installations.


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