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Other Device Wireless Setup

Other Devices Able to Connect to eduroam

Getting Connected to eduroam - Chromebook

1. Connect to the csuchico network and navigate to any webpage (Or go directly to and go to Step 3).

2. It should redirect to the page below: Select "SET ME UP".

Eduroam information page with link for set up.

3. Confirm the correct operating system was selected. Select "Install".

Selecting "Install" to install chrome extension.

4. Select "Add" to install the JoinNow MultiOS SecureW2 app.

Selecting "Add" to add Secure W2 to chrome.

5. Enter your Chico State credentials and select "Download".

Enter in user credentials and then selecting "Download".

Troubleshooting Chromebook Connectivity

1. Open the settings panel by clicking the bottom right hand corner and selecting "Settings".

Selecting system tray and then "Settings"

2. Select "Add connection" and then "Add Wi-Fi...".

Chromium OS settings and then selecting "Add connection.

3. A new window will appear, select "Advanced".

Join Wi-Fi network box and selecting "Advanced".

4. Confirm the settings are the same a the image below. Replace the "Identity" with the actual username and confirm "Anonymous Identity" is "". Select "Connect"

*If it still does not connect in the "Identity" field, type your username with at the end.  EX:

Join Wi-Fi network box with appropriate advanced settings.

Getting Connected to eduroam - Blackberry

1. Connect to "csuchico" and open a web browser.

2. Navigating to any website should redirect you to the page below. (If not, navigate to

Eduroam information page with link for set up.

Select the Internal Guide and follow the directions provided.

Selecting "Internal Guide" for Blackberry.

Troubleshooting Blackberry Connectivity

Open "Network and Connections" within the System Settings.

System Settings selecting "Network and Connections".

In the Network and Connections window, open the advanced settings to the eduroam network or add it.

Wi-Fi Networks selecting "Eduroam".

Fill in the following information:


Password: password



CA Cert: All CA Certificates.


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