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iOS Wireless Setup (iPads/iPhones)

| Network Requirements | Getting Connected to Eduroam | Troubleshooting | Removing Eduroam |


Network Requirements

  • iOS devices must configure for the eduroam wireless network to gain internet access.

Getting Connected to Eduroam

***Prior to starting this process, confirm the date and time on the device.

1. Connect to the "csuchico" wireless network.

2. Open a web browser and navigate to any web page.  It should redirect you to the page below. If not use the URL and select "SET ME UP!"

3. Confirm the correct operating system is automatically selected and select "Sign In".

4. After selecting Sign In a browser window will automatically open to Please enter your Chico State Username and Password (portal/blackboard) and select “Login”.

5. After sucessful login, you will return to the onboarding website. Select "JoinNow" to launch the installer.

6. After selecting "JoinNow" you move to a landing page. Wait a moment for the installer to begin.

7. The eduroam profile will now be installed on your device. Select "Install" to continue.

8. You will need to enter your device passcode to continue.

9. Depending on your devices security settings, you may recieve a warning about installing root certificates. Select "Install" to continue.

10. Select "Install" to continue

11. Please wait while the profile is installed. This may take a few moments.

12. Once the profile has finished installing, select "Done"

13. Go back to your Wi-Fi settings and you should now be connected to eduroam



  • System time and date must be set correctly before installing
  • Browser cookies must be enabled to complete the registration process. This setting can be accessed from "Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security > Block Cookies" and must be set to "Allow from Websites I Visit" or "Always Allow"
  • If you have previously installed "eduroam" you may need to remove the previous profile in order to install the new one. Please see "Removing eduroam" in this guide.
  • There have been reported issues with the Safari browser correctly executing our installer package. If trouble persists, please try another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (both avalible through the App Store on your device.)
  • Older versions of iOS and devices that have not been updated occasionally have trouble with the installer package. We recommend all available device updates are installed before attempting the "eduroam" setup. 


Removing eduroam

1. Open the device "Settings".

iOS home screen selecting "Settings" app.

2. Select the "General" tab and scroll down to "Profile" on the right side.

Settings menu selecting "General" and then "Profile"

3. Tap the "California State University Chico eduroam Mobile Config" profile.

Settings menu selecting Eduroam profile.

4. "Delete" the profile. Eduroam should no longer be associated with the device.

Eduroam profile selecting "Delete Profile".


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