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Android Wireless Setup

 Get Connected | Troubleshooting | Remove Eduroam

Kindle Fire's - Scroll to the bottom of the available wireless networks and manually add the eduroam network.  Skip to step 4 of the troubleshooting link above.

Network Requirements

  • Android devices must configure for the eduroam network to gain internet access. 
  • Prior to configuring for eduroam, a lock screen must be set. This is usually found under Settings > My Device > Personalization > Lock Screen.Settings Menu selecting "My Device" and then "Lock Screen".

Getting Connected to Eduroam

1. Connect to the "csuchico" wireless network.

Wi-Fi settings menu selecting "CSUChico" Wi-Fi network.

2. Open a web browser (i.e. Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and navigate to any webpage. It will redirect to the page below (or navigate to

 Select "SET ME UP" 

Eduroam information page with link for set up.

3. A new webpage will load. Confirm it has selected the correct operating system and select "Download".


Eduroam configuration page with link to Google Play store and  installer download. Selecting "Download" to get Secure W2 app.

4. When the Google Play store loads, select the “Install” button.

Secure W2 app in Google Play store and selecting "Install".

5. It will prompt for App Permissions, select "ACCEPT".

Alert box for Secure W2 app permissions selecting "Accept".

6. After the app is installed, open the previous web browser and select “JoinNow”.

Eduroam configuration page with link to Google Play store and  installer download. Selecting "JoinNow".

 7. Choose to open it with the SecureW2 application.

Alert box to choose an action and selecting the Secure W2 app.


8. Once the application starts, enter your Chico State (portal/blackboard) credentials and select “Continue”.

Entering in user credentials into Secure W2 app and selecting "Continue".

9.  After selecting “Continue” it will inform of a successful install or an error.

Wi-Fi menu selecting Eduroam.


Troubleshooting Steps

1. Confirm the username and password is correct.

Secure W2 app error message that it could not connect to the network and selecting "Re-enter Credentials".

2. Rerun the wizard and follow the initial installation steps.

Manual Configuration:

3. If steps 1 & 2 fail, manually connect to the eduroam network by matching the settings below.

Wi-Fi menu selecting Eduroam and then "Modify Network Config".


*Newer Android devices may require the CA certificate to be set to "Use system certificates" Enter for the domain.

Eduroam settings menu with area to enter in new user credentials and then selecting "Connect".

"Identity"/"Password": Chico State Username/Password

  • In some cases, adding to the username resolves issues (example:

Leave "Anonymous identity" as ""

Removing eduroam

1. Open the wireless network page via settings.

2. Press and hold the eduroam network and select "Forget Network".

Wi-Fi menu selecting Eduroam and then "Forget Network".

3. Find the "SecureW2 JoinNow MutliOS" application under Apps.

Secure W2 JoinNow MultiOS app.

4. Press and hold the application and drag it to the trash.

Drag Secure W2 app over uninstall icon.

5. Select "Uninstall" to completely remove the eduroam configuration.

Alert box for uninstalling application and selecting "Uninstall".

6. The device will no longer connect to eduroam.

7. If you are unable to change the the lock screen settings after removal, open "Settings" go to "More" and find the "Security" settings.

Opening the Security Settings within android.

8. Find the "Credential storage" section and select "Clear credentials". (This should not impact other passwords stored on the phone.)

Clearing the cached credentials installed by SecureW2

9. Go to the Phone lock settings and confirm.


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