Chico State Mobile App

The original app was released in 2012. This new app, provides many of the same features to the campus community at large, but also offers students access to important personal information. The new mobile app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. Just search for MyChicoState. It’s FREE.

iTunes App Store
Download from the iTunes App Store
Google Play App Store
Download from the Google Play App Store

You can use the app anywhere you have an Internet connection. 

When you first launch the app, it opens with an array of icons/tabs: 

Main dashboard of the Chico State mobile app
Access to any of these public information icons/tabs is available to anyone. Click on them and they bring up useful information about Chico State. 

Students can sign in (click on Student Sign In) and get access to a variety of personal information.
Screenshot of the Chico State Mobile App

Admissions – view application status 

Financials – view 

  • What I Owe 
  • Account Activity 
  • Financial Aid 
  • Accept/Decline Awards 
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress 
  • Financial Aid Summary 
  • Important Student Fee Information 

Schedule – view academic schedule in calendar format 

Academics – view 

  • Unofficial Transcript 
  • Grades 
  • Programs 
  • Test Scores 

My Information – view 

  • Addresses 
  • Phones 
  • Emergency Contacts 

To Dos – Check outstanding To Dos 

Holds – Check outstanding Holds 


If you need technical assistance, call ITSS at 530-898-HELP (4357) 

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