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Level 1 Data

Level 1 data is personally identifiable information that is protected by law. It includes Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, driver's licenses, etc. More information can be found on the Information Security website.

Because Box is designed to be an open collaboration environment, storing level 1 in Box poses special issues and risks. However, with the proper controls, level 1 data can be stored securely in Box.

Storing Level 1 Data in Box

Level 1 data can only be stored in specific folders in Box. These folders will have special permissions and controls.

  • Sharing and collaboration will be limited to the specific people with access to the folder.
  • Files in level 1 folders cannot be synced.
  • You will not be able to invite anyone to collaborate in level 1 folders. You will have to submit a request to add access to the folder.

You must request the creation of level 1 folders and these requests must be approved by the appropriate authority.

Do I Have Level 1 Data in Bay?

If you want to know where level 1 data may exist in your personal or departmental Bay folders, you can request a Bay content scan here for either your department or your personal Bay folder.

What Should I do with Level 1 Data on Bay?

There is significant risk in keeping level 1 data, even in a secure location. The presumption should always be that it’s dangerous to keep level 1 data unless you have a specific, current, and known need for the data.
As a result, the safest course of action is always to delete level 1 data, even if (especially if) you think that "someday we might want this".

If you do have a legitimate need to retain level 1 data, you should move the level 1 data to a separate folder in Bay (you can add "level 1" to the folder name to make it easy to identify) so that it can be migrated separately from other non-level 1 data to Box.

You should create a spreadsheet listing the folders you have containing level 1 data. You can use this Excel file as a template (click on "Download" to save a copy).

When your Bay content is ready for migration, this file will be used to automatically handle the migration of your level 1 data.

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