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Box Migration FAQs

What is the Bay to Box Migration?

The Bay to Box migration is a project to move campus data from the old Bay servers to secure cloud-based document storage and collaboration tools hosted by

Why are we Moving from Bay to Box?

The current hardware that the Bay server is running on is nearing end of life, and replacing the Bay hardware would be exorbitantly expensive. In addition, Bay does not provide sufficiently secure storage for sensitive information.

Box provides unlimited secure cloud storage at a lower cost than replacing the Bay hardware, as well as a plethora of features not available with bay (including secure web-based document access).

When are we Moving from Bay to Box?

We are actively migrating departments and users from Bay to Box. The current Box migration timeline can be found here.

How Will this Migration Affect me?

Bay and Box are functionally quite different, and as a result, there will be some impacts on how you access and store documents in Box.

Information Resources will be working closely with campus stakeholders and Box over the coming months to identify and mitigate potential issues before Box becomes available the campus community.

What Will Happen to my Data in Bay?

Your data in Bay will be migrated to Box. However, given the sheer volume of data currently in Bay (most which has not been accessed recently), and the time it would take to migrate it all to Box, we will encourage you to go through your Bay folders and delete anything you don't need to take with you.

Level 1 Data

Level 1 data requires greater security than other data. As result, we are still evaluating our options for storing level 1 data, either in Box or in another location. More information can be found on the Level 1 Data page.

Will Students Have Access to Box?

No. Box is a replacement for Bay, and will have similar permissions. Students have access to Google Drive for document storage. Student employees will be able to have access to Box, but they will not be given accounts unless they are requested.

Questions? Comments?

If you have questions or comments about the Bay to Box migration, you can contact the Box Project Team at


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