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Installing Campus-Licensed Software

There are a number of products that are covered under the Chancellor's software licensing agreement, such as Microsoft Office & Windows, Adobe DC, Camtasia Studio, SnagIt, and more. These applications are available for supported campus computers for free and can be installed from the Application Catalog. There are also some popular freely available software applications that we have included in the Application Catalog, such as VLC, Google Chrome, Notepad ++, and others.

Some other products that are not covered under these agreements, such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Visio & Project, require the purchase of a license. Some of these are available in the Application Catalog, but require proof of license before they are approved for install. See this section for more details.

Browsing the Catalog

On your campus-owned Windows system, run Internet Explorer or Firefox and open the Application Catalog at this URL http://cm-mp01/CMApplicationCatalog

When you have opened the Application Catalog, you will see the software that is available for installation. Licensed and free software that does not require approval will show as such in the right most column. There may be multiple pages, use the First, Previous, 1, 2, Next, and Last links at the bottom to navigate.

Installing Software

Highlight the software you want, then click the INSTALL button. You will get a prompt:

Application installation

Click Yes. You will then see that your application is being prepared for installation:

Please wait while the application that you requested is being prepared

Then you will see a message saying your application installation has started:

Your application installation has started

Larger applications, such as Microsoft Office take longer to to install than smaller applications, so be patient while it runs. You will not see any progress while the installation runs, unless you watch the progress in the Software Center.


Once the software is done installing, you will see the status in the Software Center:

Installation Status


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