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Getting Started - Important System Requirements for DTS

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Many of the online courses delivered through the Development & Training System (DTS) require the use of pop-up windows. Below are instructions for enabling pop-ups for the DTS url which is  It is also important that employees use one of the recommended browsers below. 

Recommended internet browsers

When taking online courses through the Development & Training System (DTS), make sure you use one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 9 or higher
Google Chrome 

Make sure pop-ups are enabled for prior to logging into the Development & Training System. For article on enabling pop-ups click here.

Unsupported platforms

Currently iPhones and iPads are not supported platforms to deliver content through the DTS.

Accessing the Development & Training System

All employees including AS and Foundation, have access to the Development & Training System (DTS).  Employees will be able to access online courses and register for in person training through the new system. To access the DTS simply sign in using our campus authentication system at

Chico State Login




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