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SkillSoft Troubleshooting Guide

If you are having trouble with SkillSoft, the following links maybe helpful to you.

Problems logging into SkillSoft

Review Problems Logging into SkillSoft Training Course information.

Course is NOT launching

Review Courses NOT Launching information.

Course is NOT displaying content

Review Courses NOT displaying Content information.

You receive a Java prompt

Some courses may require Java.  If you receive a Java error message view Java Prompts information.

Completed a course, but is not displaying as complete in My Plan in SkillSoft

If you completed a course, but still receive reminders, please review Compliance Courses Not Showing as Completed information.

Completed the "umbrella page" in the Information Security Awareness training, but not allowed to click "Next" in the courses or is not displaying a completed test

Review Umbrella Collage Screen information.

How to check to see if the plug-ins SkillSoft requires are current

SkillSoft may require Flash and Adobe Reader.  Check for required plug-ins:

How to forward campus email to another email address

Forward WildcatMail emails [] [powered by Google]
Forward employee MS Exchange account emails []:

Technical Support

For technical support, please contact IT Support Services:
SkillSoft Product Knowledge Base, A comprehensive guide to supported and required hardware and software, as well as system requirements.

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