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Known issues and frequently asked questions related to the wireless and wired network. This includes Clearpass Onguard and Pulse Secure software.

Articles (9)

Eduroam Known Issues

Detailed information on issues that may impact devices being able to connect to eduroam.

Finding the Wireless MAC (Physical) Address on a Device

Guides to assist in finding the mac address from devices.

Clearpass Onguard Known Issues

Detailed information and possible workarounds for Clearpass Onguard known issues impacting Windows and Mac OS X devices.

Correcting Windows Clearpass Onguard Installation/Unistallation/Initializing Issues

Step by step guide to resolving initializing issues with ClearPass Onguard for Windows.

Game Consoles/TVs/Media Streaming Devices

Detailed information on known issues impacting such devices as Xboxs, Playstations, Nintendo products and Apple TVs.

Pulse Secure VPN Known Issues

Pulse Secure VPN known issues

Enable DHCP on Macintosh OS 10.5+

Instructions on how to enable DHCP on Macintosh OS 10.5+

Enable DHCP on Windows

This article shows you how to enable DHCP on Windows operating systems.

Windows Network Error "IP Address Conflict" (Wired)

Detailed information on the Network Error prompt for IP Address Conflicts.