Remodel My Course

Instructors who wish to remodel their course or prep area can open a service request with Distributed Learning Technologies (DLT) by click on request service.

Course remodel erases the content of a course and replaces it with one of the ’models’ including the standard semester start model. It deletes everything, including student data and files, and it cannot be undone.  Please note: Depending on the volume of requests received, re-modeling a course may take up to 48 hours and are performed only during regularly scheduled work days.

Unsure if course remodel is right for you?  Consultants in the Technology and Learning Program (TLP) are available to answer any questions you may have.

PLEASE NOTE: BBLEARN WILL NOT KEEP A BACKUP COPY OF THE COURSE. You may want to create your own backups before requesting re-modeling, such as:
  • Download a spreadsheet of grade center data
  • Save copies of important files and media
  • Copy text into Word documents, Google Drive, or other non-BBL storage
  • Download a Blackboard Export/Archive Course Cartridge
  • Save student work*( If any record retention policies apply to the course data that is in BBLearn, be sure you have met the requirement before requesting a remodel.)
  • When requesting a course remodel, you will be asked to provide:
    • The name of your course which must include the exact course ID(s) to be re-modeled, such as “142-BADM101-04-1234”
    • Model requested
    • Confirmation/acknowledgment that this is a permanent remodel and all content will be deleted from the course. 

You have the option to apply the following models:

Model Name


Default Course Model

This is the standard "blank" course created for all sections.

View and read more about this model.

Unit-Based Course Model

This model organizes content by unit. Each unit can be further broken down by week, or topic.

View and read more about this model


Tool-Based Course Model

This model organizes content by function. For example, PowerPoints,Discussions, Assignments, etc.

View and read more about this model.

Differences between Export or Archive of course:

Export Course creates a package of course content that can later be imported into the same course or a different course. Archive Course creates a permanent record of a course including all the content and user interactions available at the time the Archive is created. Export Common Cartridge creates a package that can be shared across learning management systems. You must have the proper permissions to perform these operations. More Help
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