Voluntary course deletion

If you are an instructor who no longer wishes to use a particular BbLearn course, you can submit this service request to have the course deleted.

Your request must include the exact course ID(s) to be deleted, such as “142-BADM101-04-1234”.

PLEASE NOTE: BBLEARN WILL NOT KEEP A BACKUP COPY OF THE COURSE. You may want to create your own backups before requesting deletion, such as:

  • Download a spreadsheet of grade center data
  • Save copies of important files and media
  • Copy text into Word documents, Google Drive, or other non-BBL storage

If any record retention policies apply to the course data that is in BBLearn, you will need to be sure those are met before requesting deletion.


Request Service


Service ID: 12325
Mon 2/22/16 10:08 AM
Mon 2/22/16 10:12 AM