IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

There have been two changes to the IT Procurement Review process. These changes should streamline the process and improve our ability to provide timely and appropriate reviews. A knowledgebase article with information about the ITPR process can be found here:

First Change

There are now four different ITPR request forms, depending on the item you are acquiring. This allows the forms to be more specific to the category of item, which will hopefully make them easier to understand and fill out correctly. Correctly filled out requests can significantly speed up processing time. The four different categories of ITPRs are:

  1. Software: use this form for all software acquisitions, including web applications and software maintenance agreements.
  2. Hardware: use this form for all hardware acquisitions.
  3. Web Hosting: use this form for purchases of web hosting or domain registrations. Prebuilt web applications should use the Software form.
  4. Maintenance Agreements: use this form for maintenance and support agreements for existing hardware. Software support agreements should use the Software form.

The new forms can be found in the Service Catalog at this link:

Second Change

ITPRs are no longer required for software that’s intended for use by one person, as long as the software does not store or process level 1 (confidential) data.

  • Software intended for use by an entire department or used as part of a class *does* require an ITPR.

Also, please note that all software installed on University computers must be a currently version, supported by the manufacturer, and properly licensed for use (many popular ‘free’ software applications are only free for home use… not use on campus). If you have questions about software you’d like to install, please contact IT Support Services and we will be happy to help figure it out.



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