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Services or Offerings?
Collections shifts; inventory projects; weeding & disposal of materials; special projects assigned to student employees.

Looking to begin a project with an IT component? Get the process started by submitting a project request.

Request an Information Resources (IRES) project not listed above.

Would you like to see something new in the Learning Management System?

Request a new functionality or enhancement for Chico State 360 (Salesforce).

Request paint, new furniture or furniture moves, office moves, whiteboard or bulletin board installation, etc.

Room remodels; carpet replacement; new spaces; installation of technology that requires changes to electrical or installation of new conduit.

Request for a telecommunications project that is more involved than a single network or telephone request.

Security-related issues in the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions area.

Request graphic design services to communicate with students, parents, and members of the community.

Request photography, custom design, social media feed, Kaltura video upload or other website feature.

Request computer setup for new AS employee(s).

Request a telephone line be moved to another location to accommodate a change in office configuration or location.